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Tryst with the wheel ----

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is never easy. My life, over the last few years, has revolved around numbers, data and lots of research. I have also successfully earned the title of being the least creative person in my close group of friends, so much so that they wouldn’t let me get anywhere near their wedding preparations: P. So when I took the decision of learning pottery and exploring my creative side I didn’t expect to sustain for more than two classes. I told Meena Aunty, my inspiring pottery teacher, about this creative handicap and she told me not to worry. The journey from then to now has been exhilarating. I was cognizant of the fact that many memories will be created while learning this new form of art but didn’t realize that there will be days that will leave a deep impression on my heart and soul. One such day was my first day on the wheel. The act of creating beautiful pieces of pottery on this mundane looking equipment has always intrigued me. So, when I finally got a chance to spend a day on the wheel and create something of my own, feeling of ecstasy surrounded me. What everyone saw next was a rare visual (as described by Meena Aunty) at Studio 78. Minutes into the session I could feel a strong connect with the wheel. Soon this connection translated into synchronized and nonchalant movements of my fingers wrapped around the clay-cladded wheel. The next 3 hours were, perhaps, the most unadulterated hours of my adult life, with perfect harmony between the heart and brain, both witness to the magic being created. There were no insecurities, fears, expectations or any points to prove. The wheel and I became each other’s guide. If I faltered and mistakenly sabotaged my piece, the wheel would lead me to improving it. Similarly, if the wheel lost balance, I would get it to listen to me. Soon enough, I was also able to draw parallels between life and pottery. While rising and falling of the cone reminded me of the ups and downs of life, being able to mould the clay to create whatever the heart desired made me feel powerful and reinstated in my head the famous saying that life is what you make it. The unexpected tears in the clay reminded me of the numerous surprises, good or bad, life can throw at us. And being able to create something with less than handful of clay was an apt reminder that one can rewind and restart in life even if the chips are down. By the end of this extremely personal rendezvous, I had no tangible creation but the gratifying memories and numerous life learnings that will be ingrained in my soul forever. Next time when you get on the wheel, remember not to stress about getting a physical output instead try connecting with your inner self. In this world where life and happiness is increasingly measured by one’s tangible achievements, make sure to break free from this notion. Surrender yourself to the experience and see the magic being created!

Deeksha :)


My experience with pottery:

Any experience i believe comes with a will,In other words a simple willingness to learn and explore new things, this was the start of my new journey in an old city. I came back to Delhi thinking it will be same what i would have left couple of years ago , old friends, old places, but everything changed , friends moved out , old adha turned into cool cafes.etc So now all by my self i thought its time to learn a new art form and Pottery stuck me, couple of website search made me land up at Meena Vohra Pottery classes in Noida. A beautiful experience playing with clay and it was more amazing when i actually sat on the wheel for the first time. She made it a life learning experience, something which will stay for a long time with me . Thank you Meena, and a gentle reminder i have few classes left, which i am gonna come back and do it sometime next summers, because its always fun talking to you. Also a special thanks to people I met in class.


Aditi Tapriya

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