Meena Vohra

Teacher turned potter at 50, couldn't have asked for more.

Today, I love working in my studio, infusing soul into my creations, enjoying the intense concentration, precision and of-course the roller coaster ride of emotions when I open the kiln. Oh ! it's the ultimate. Passing on this art to my students is very satisfying and enriching as well.

I offer ongoing courses or create custom courses for my students, based on their individual needs and time. My students come from all walks of life and all age groups. I am two time AIFACS award holder with six solo and a number of group exhibitions to my credit.

Join me in my heavenly studio for ongoing or customized pottery classes.
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Phone: +91 9899672403
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Join me in my heavenly studio

* Ongoing weekday or weekend classes
* Special classes for birthday, anniversary, valentines & many more customised pottery experiences
* Corporate team-building events, workshops 
* Buy or gift a piece of pottery
* Share life experiences over a cup of tea

Phone: 9899672403  | Email:
Address: D -78, Sector - 21, NOIDA, UP, India

Students -- My Lifeline !! Always willing to help me -- to keep learning as well . Uuuumh tight Japphis !!

Wheel Session at Studio 78 --- Love this expression of Dolly --when the Clay is in conversation with the Potters Wheel --- "Come on , mould me your way , I'm all yours " Total surrender ---- how beautiful !!!

My beloved aunty, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me. My life would not be this great if not for you. I will forever cherish the wonderful memories we have shared, I love you! Happy Birthday Meena Aunty ! !

Asian Paints Celebrate World Interior Designer Day 1/3

Asian Paints Celebrate World Interior Designer Day 2/3

Asian Paints Celebrate World Interior Designer Day 3/3

Ishita - a contemporary n modern dancer from Goa , and , Nadege - Director , Social Services in France , come together and try their hands on WHEEL in Studio 78 --- Clay is indeed a great bonding agent !!!

Giving a meaningful form to something as formless as raw clay teaches one patience, perseverance and focus. But the joy which I get at the end of a long session is unmatched. And doing this in the company of a great bunch of people and an inspiring teacher makes it even more exciting

A Beautiful Creation at Studio 78 --- Avneet's dexterity and the ultimate results are a testimony to her love in Clay Creations. These masks are just awesome !!! Kudos to you dear !!!‪

Uppla Firing - Glimpse Of Memorable Moments

Different age groups come together under one roof at Studio 78 ----- The Weather God prompted many to march towards their pottery studio -- Studio 78, Noida. We all did quality creative work with both mediums of clay . We were all age groups -5 to 69 . Great Happy Time together !!!

Beat the heat with CLAY at Studio 78 . Garima from sect 62, noida, had her relatives visiting from Agra. She thought of this novel idea of --Gifting An Experience --Vishnu and Yogit came to Studio 78, and tried their hands on clay - feeling happy n excited . " This is real Clay Mumma ?" They frequently asked. Pictures are a testimony to the Funtime that we all had on 2 June 2016.

Two smart .young ,intelligent , widely travelled, girls are working in the Studio 78 . Nitya Jain from Singapore and Nandita Malhotra from Huston ( USA ). Hand building , wheel work --they are trying their hands on both , as this is their first stint with Clay . Wheel they say is --The Ultimate .!!!

Tisha turns 13 and chooses to celebrate the first of her teens with her friends n relatives in Studio 78. with Pottery . 12th May , was a Buzzing day , full of masti , pottery and laughter.

When we went to visit Meena yesterday we had no idea what to expect. With an open mind and big heart, Meena and her husband welcomed us into their home and gave us an experience

Avneet Kaur and Abhishek Tomar arn every Sunday to explore their Clayinge great enthusiastic --travel all the way from Rajouri Garden Creativity . They amaze us every time.

Accenture Team Building 1/3

Accenture Team Building 2/3

Accenture Team Building 3/3

Energy of the pure souls , creative expressions of their inner self , laughter, music, nature around , all combine to create a Divine Magic--- we all experienced . Grateful to HIM ----

Nadege -Director Social Services- from France - comes to my Studio to learn Pottery. Very good in her attitude and work , she's done excellent art work . Wheel is her favourite and feels very happy while throwing on the wheel . Let's hear her ----

200 + pieces baked together - Upla Firing Yet Another Lifetime Experience

I had come across meena ma'am through an article in newspaper and thought of arranging a class with her as a surprise activity for my husband's bday and we had a crazy pottery session with loud music, masti, lots of chatting and lots and lots of giggling. She taught us how to mould clay with calm and patient attitude. Watching the clay taking shape was mesmerising. Later we had a cake cutting session along with snacks, drinks and more giggling. It wasn't just regular pottery. It was actually party with pottery. The afternoon couldn't have gone better. Thank you so much meena ma'am for such an amazing and wonderful experience.

Tisha's 13th Birthday Celebrations

Mayank, Engineer and NID aspirant

Arjun, Mechanical Engineer

First time wheel experience

My philosophy and works

Demonstration: Setting Uppla Bhatti

Interview with my inspirational student

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